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  • Candy in Copenhagen: Skolekridt, Katjes Jordbær Stanger, and Godt & Blandet Sure Mix

    Welcome to another installment of “Candy in Copenhagen.” Here’s a roundup of some candy I’ve tried in the last few weeks. Skolekridt What is it: This candy is salt licorice with a mint candy coating. Each is shaped like blackboard chalk.  Fun fact: skolekridt candy originated in Denmark. My review: I’ve tried this candy a… Read more

  • Seeing the Sights!

    Curious about the museums in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas? Let’s take a look at some of the ones that I’ve been to so far! The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art I went to the Louisiana Museum for my class European Art History of the 20th Century. About a 40 minute train ride from central… Read more

  • Oysters, Fossils, and Seals – Oh My!

    Last week I spent time with my classmates from my core course, polar biology, on Denmark’s west coast! We traveled to Rømø, Ribe, Gram, Fanø, and Esbjerg over the course of three days while focusing on the ecosystems that make up this region. This trip was really special because I wouldn’t have planned it on… Read more

  • Candy in Copenhagen: Tom’s Stang Mix, Malaco Godt & Blandet Hygge Mix, and Snails

    Welcome to the first post in my series where I will review new candy that I try in Denmark! This week my neuroscience professor brought two kinds to class for a snack: Toms Stang Mix and Malaco Godt & Blandet Hygge Mix (shoutout to Carla – thank you!).  Toms Stang Mix What is it: Short… Read more

  • Week 1 (and a few days!)

    Hej from Copenhagen! I’ve been here for 10 days now and I’m loving it! It’s been a whirlwind – I’ve met so many new people, been to lots of exciting places and tried different foods! Here are the highlights… Arrival Day I arrived at the Copenhagen airport on Saturday after a long day of travel.… Read more

  • Pre-Departure Thoughts

    Hi there! Welcome to my first blog post about my semester abroad. In 10 days I’ll get on the plane to Copenhagen! As it gets closer to my departure date and I reflect on my plans and hopes for the next four months, I’m becoming increasingly excited (and a bit nervous) about what is ahead.… Read more